The Jasper Local - Junior A league taking aim at Jasper

FEATURED IN: The Jasper Local                                                               Photo courtesy: Karen Palashniuk - Fleeting Reality 

The Western States Hockey League wants to come to Jasper National Park.

The U.S.-based league, which this year expanded into Canada with four  franchises in its Western Provinces division, thinks Jasper and Junior A  hockey could be a perfect match.

 “It’s a natural,” said Derek Prue, director of international  expansion for the WPHA. “Jasper is the right size, you’ve got a captive  audience with folks coming off of the ski hill and from a recruiting  standpoint, Jasper’s a dream.”

In fact, the WPHA was trying to make inroads into this community last  year, but there wasn’t enough time to negotiate an arena lease, Prue  said. He said the league is in planning mode for 2019/2020, and has its  sites set on Jasper.

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