The WSHL: 25 Years In and Only Getting Started

By Steffan Waters, 12/10/18

“It was absolute craziness.”

TUSTIN,  CA -- Those four words were the first spoken out of WSHL founder and  former commissioner Dr. Don Thorne when he sat back and recounted how it  was when the Western States Hockey League was formed in 1993.

To understand why Thorne would describe it in that manner, you have to  first realize how different the junior hockey landscape was back in the  early 1990s. All the preeminent programs resided in the eastern part of  the United States. If you were a high-caliber youth hockey player, the  only way to further your hockey career was to play at a prep school in  the Northeast, a junior team far away from home, or journey to play in  Canada. The western half of the United States was devoid of junior  hockey teams.

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